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the kron 4 morning news. kron 4 news at 4 start now. >> good morning. it is 4:00 on this thursday morning. first things first. let us talk about our weather forecast erica has that. good morning erica. >> good morning to you james. it is thursday and temperatures are not as cold as just today. >> a lot of us waking up to '40's and even fifties. >> the air is mowas more humid last night we did a better job of keeping those warmer temperatures in. >> it will be warmer compared to yesterday's. >> i do not think we will break any records however we will come close. >> off clear conditions and mild temperatures with temperatures in the '50s.
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>> 49 in richmond. 50 in santa rosa. vallejo was below freezing, today we are at 48 degrees. >> looking at the numbers in to the afternoon. mainly '60s. >> mid fifties for daly city. >> could reach seventies in fairfield, napa, santa rosa. >> 68 expected in pleasanton. >> looking at satellite and radar picture we have some rain in northern california. you'll have to drive about two-three hours to see any of the rain. the ridge of high pressure is doing a good job of keeping it away from us. >> we're waking up to mainly clear skies, dry weather in the bay area as the lane track sticks to our north. >> your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast shows we have changes to talk about. friday's slated to be the warmest of the week. >> low seventies for just about everyone. we could
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see mid-70s developed in the south bay. >> heading into saturday and sunday a week system will pass through could bring light rain to our area. by a light rain i mean sprinkles. that is for the communities north of the golden gate bridge. >> most of us was the increase in cloud cover and the dip in temperatures. >> dry and sunny as we start the next work week. monday we will see a low range of 60s. >> heading into tuesday and wednesday at storm system will impact the bay area. it is looking like a good chance for rain. temperatures will start to drop their expect cloudy conditions. >> this is not expected to be a huge rain maker. we could see somewhere between a quarter of a into half- inch of rain. >> more details on that very important extended forecast in my next report. >> in the meantime, in the traffic desk. not looking at hot spots. the approach to
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the bay bridge toll plaza is good. there is overnight road work, but it is not slowing you down. >> the san mateo bridge is good in both directions. the drive 11-12 minutes. >> south bound 101, the golden gate bridge no problems as you work your way out of marin county. james. >> thank you erica we will again our news with the latest of santa cruz police officers have been given time off work today to mourn the loss of two officers who died of a line of duty on tuesday. kron fours jeff bush explain to us keeping the city safe in the meantime. >> the santa cruz police department has fewer than 100 officers on the force. everyone in the department knows everyone in the department. >> it is understandable why the chiefs get everyone time off. >> if we are providing grief counseling to our officers. we are doing the best job we can as we know how to help our staff recover from this terrific prevenegypt.
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>> the santa cruz county sheriff's department and the california highway patrol will conduct all of the business the police business during the morning. >> on wednesday officers on both agencies were working together to investigate this car crash in town. >> chp was taking the report and sheriff's deputies were directing traffic. >> both agencies will patrol the streets and respond to 911 calls. >> if you have questions about whether our community is safe. yes our community is safe. we have as many police officers patrolling the streets of santa cruz today as yesterday's. >> it is unusual for an entire police department to be off at the same time. one thing to consider that up until now this department has never lost an officer in the line of duty. >> santa cruz police will be patrolling the streets again starting on saturday. >> i am jeff bush in santa
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cruz kron 4 news. >> off the two officers were killed while investigating jeremy goulet . for a misdemeanor sex crime. authorities say, both officers were shot in the front steps of his home. that eventually led to a deadly shootout with santa cruz officers. that she got caught on camera. at least 35 rounds to be heard all fired in 12 seconds. >> some of the bullets hitting a nearby garage. police say when he was found he was wearing body armor and had three guns. it is believed to of those weapons belonged to the falling officers. >> kron fours charles clifford continue our team coverage and details were the sends crew shooting took place. >> tuesday's shooting occurred in central santa cruz. it started when to santa cruz police officers visited this home here. this particular house here. this is 822. this is where it is
4:08 am
leave the suspect jeremy goulet shot and killed the officers. >> he then stole a police car and fled from the scene. >> as first responders were attending to the officers he was spotted on the other side of offense. >> officers on the scene told him to submit he fled down this alley at its south toward the oil street. when he reached the street he ran into a team of police officers were looking for him in this is where shots were exchanged. >> this building was hit by multiple rounds of gunfire. these are pictures from the scene. you can see the bullet holes. >> this is also where the suspect was killed by police officers. >> in the newsroom charles clifford kron 4 news. >> thank you charles. >> let us talk more about the two officers lost their lives as kron fours terisa estacio reports friends and
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colleagues describe as hard- working and dedicated officers who will be truly missed. >> the 28 year-old veteran officer known as butch to other officers. >> the distraught police chief talked about his former partner on the force. >> i had a special relationship with butch he and i started about the same time. he was also my mentor as well as my co-worker and friend. >> baker was also a training officer and was prodded motive to sergeant in 1987. >> that chief at in addition to making a significant impact on the part of personally and professionally, he was proud about his son entering law enforcement. >> he leaves behind his wife kelly, his son adam who is a community service officer with our department. >> and his daughters jillian and ashley. >> this is a picture of
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elizabeth butler. >> she worked for the police department for 10 years. >> she majored in community services. >> she grew up in the teoorence , calif. >> someone wrote she was wonderful and did so much for community. >> i would also consider elisabeth to be a friend. i did not know elizabeth as long as i knew butch . as i said before we are a small family at the santa cruz police department. >> she leaves behind her partner peter and two children ages 5 and 1. >> we will have much more on this story as it continues to develop. 4:08
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>> we are back. the family of an oakland couple had been reported missing is now speaking out. the to travel
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is for found safe and peru. kron fours scott rates as the family's emotional reaction to the good news. >> a mother speaks for the first time after receiving news that her son 25 year- old garrett hand and his girlfriend 27 year-old jamie neal had been found safe in peru. barrett's mother is very emotional in front of her home as she told me what it was like speaking to her son for the first time in over a month. >> we have personally talked to garrett approximately two hours ago. we cannot describe the whole and the emotion and the relief and the exhaustion that-describe of the hope. >> that we are feeling right now that they are safe. >> we will never be able to thank enough all the people that rose up to the
4:14 am
occasion and gave their time, their resources, energy on behalf of our family. >> reporting in concord scott rates at kron 4 news. will take a break and be back with more headlines in just a moment. >> looking at our mount tam camera out at san francisco. we will have a full forecast camera out at san francisco. we will have a full forecast with erica for thyou eat weiyou lose it's a great plan... until you get hungry. that's the time to take slimful. one tasty 90-calorie slimful and a glass of water satisfies hunger for hours making it easier to eat smaller meals, and resist snacking. your friends might think you found the secret to losing weight. but it's no secret... it's slimful. eating less is a beautiful thing.
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>> we are back at 4:14. >> in national news, the white house, sieglindes morning, the efforts to avoid the a $5 billion in automatic budget cuts are unlikely to succeed before they kick in tomorrow. president obama and congressional leaders are scheduled to meet tomorrow the day of the deadline.
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white house spokesman jay carney says, the friday talks are intended to be a constructive discussion about how to keep the cut from having a forharmful consequences. >> to prepare for those cuts federal immigration authorities have released hundreds of detainees. authorities say, they were in the process of being removed from the u.s. the release is just the latest example of the unintended consequences to come from the force spending cuts. meantime, the white house says, they were not notified. >> meanwhile here in california the san bernadine no county officials have calculated just how much the sixth day manhunt for former lapd officer christopher dorner cost. the price tag for the surgeon investigations comes to about $550,000. the figure includes the sears
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departments lead search of the san bernardino mountains involving 10 other agencies. dorner was founded in a burn cabin after a shootout with police earlier this month. >> let us turn to our weather with erica. >> good morning james barrett >> santa rosa at 70. 72 for napa. no records were broken yesterday's. sonoma had is a high of seven degrees and 69 in concord. >> temperatures this morning are running much warmer than 24 hours ago. yesterday morning we dropped into the upper twenties. that will not be the case today. the air is more unit now. we are doing a better job of keeping the warm temperatures around. 52 degrees in oakland. 49 in richmond. it '40's along the delta. mid '40's also along the coastline. >> csunnyvale at 44.
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>> futurecast 4 tracking the numbers by 12 mainly '60s for everyone. we will start to see seventies indicated by the green on your screen. that is just in time for your afternoon highs we're talking clear skies and sunshine. by 8:00 p.m. to to stay on the mild side with everyone in the mid-50s. >> afternoon highs in your neighborhood. upper 60s may be low seventies in the south bay. palo alto 70. 69 mountain view. 67 in fremont. >> 74 fairfield and antioch. 69-stat 66 in castro valley. >> the seventies for santa rosa. san rafeal at 68. 59 for ocean beach. >> your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast f highlights warmer weather on the way. tomorrow is expected to be the warmest of the week. we have changes
4:20 am
as we transition to the weekend. we could see light rain. sprinkles of saturday nigo sunday. most of us will see an increase in cloud cover. we are back in the sunshine, dry weather sticks around as he starts the next work week. tuesday in to wednesday we are anticipating rain. >> it has not been this dry of a start to the years since 1852. we are seeing record low rainfall amounts. remember we did go into the air above average. hopefully we will get more rain to come. tuesday and wednesday's system is not looking too strong but we could see a quarter to a half-inch of rain. >> we will monitor that for you on kron 4. >> meantime over to the traffic center. we do have overnight road work at toll plaza. the late are cone off. chp is on the scene. it is not affecting your ride. traffic is fine coming from
4:21 am
all the approaches. >> the san mateo bridge is problem free no accidents to report. >> if you are heading to the golden gate bridge south bound 101 not much company coming out of marin county. the drive time 23 minutes out ofnavato out of san francisco. >> was down 24 looks good. 12 minutes from hercules to berkeley coming down the east shore freeway. >> keeping in eye on interstate 580 westbound direction usually one of the first boston back up. not the case now all green on the road way censors for everyone commuting out of tracy. james. >> thank you erica. >> the gunman decontrol the bay to center stage in washington, with the issues at all from the state, to the house, and to the vice- president. as to the senate. as kron fours pam more reports their proposals for new laws but they highlight all polpolitical differences
4:22 am
which could be a big hurdle to overcome. >> my son was brutally murdered at sandy hook school. >> neil heflon supports the assault ban that expired in 2004. >> senator dianne feinstein sponsored the ban is the prime force behind the new legislation. she says there is a common factor into many of the mass killings. >> the gunman used military- style, semi-automatic assault weapons or a large capacity ammunition magazine to commit unspeakable terra. >> senator feinstein's bill is threatened by opposition from the nra, republicans, and some democrats from conservative districts. >> lindsay gramm questions focusing on gun-control instead of background checks. >> in the real war we do nothing to enforce the laws on the books. >> in a heated exchange
4:23 am
milwaukee police chief took issue with gramm. >> i want to stop people from buying guns illegally that is wet background check but does. >> the public mood has changed. >> vice president biden spoke about the white house is government gun ban proposal. >> on the same day school safety experts testified on how to does react to the crisis. >> in the senate because of gun violence of before lawmakers. >> a lot of talk about the issue but it is still unclear whether the talk will lead to any real action. >> the senate judiciary committee began considering gun-control bills as soon as today. they could improve school security and beef up background checks on gun sales and the assault weapons ban will follow the latest and see what happens. >> act 4:21 let us take a
4:24 am
break. looking our roof camera looking at downtown san francisco. erica gave us a forecast a moment ago will visit with her again at 430.
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>> ( male announcer): now here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly . >> you are looking at and iphone sitting in plain view in the front seat of this car. they wonder why they break in. >> it is basically saying free iphone break glass. >> this is shards of glass on the ground at pier 40 in san francisco that came from all the windows getting smashed by thieves. >> according to a source in the san francisco police department there has been a dozen auto burglaries and one arrest. all of the mission district of the city since january 1st an area that used to experience metal fencthefts now has a
4:27 am
different problem. in fact if you look around the area, you see signs everywhere alerting people not to leave valuables visible. since theives opportunist leaving valuable and plainview given the opportunity to behaving badly as they will. remember the fall in plain view, well this is the owner, alex and he forgot to take his ball with him. i was as we think about it walking over here like where's my phone/even though it is an old farm it doesn't work very well still they do not know that/now i'm embarrassed/i got caught behaving badly. but he was not alone, i found over a half dozen electronic devices just sitting in plain view. more cell phones and other items like this in this xerox than a gps is in the window. same with the
4:28 am
cards the gps is in the center, so. in one parking lot there were four separate break-ins in the same day. did you know that even across door opener in plain view could be a problem. because it is not only do they have the opener but they could also find your address like let's say on your registration and bam now your home it burglarized. the port is planning upgrades to the area light cameras and better lighting in what security but common sense is important. do not leave valuables visible plan is simple. in san francisco stanley roberts kron 4 news. >> outside quick look before we take a brief break. alive at th live look at the bay bridge. erica will have the
4:29 am
4:30 am
>> we are back. coming up on 430. a live look from our south bay camera. that is 101. traffic is on the light side. we will get an update on your ride. let us start
4:31 am
out with the forecast. good morning erica. >> good morning to you james. >> temperatures show '40's and 50's out the door. >> it is a lot warmer than 24 hours ago. you can thank the humidity. >> 52 in oakland. >> looking at some of your head lines mostly clear warm weather as we head into the afternoon. the warming trend continues friday is expected to be the warmest of the week. as we take a closer look at some of the numbers in your neighborhood again we're seeing low '40's and the livermore valley. mid- 40s in fremont. san jose checking in at 46. futurecast 4 tracking those numbers you can see by 12 mainly '60s. we will see seventies as we head in closer to your afternoon. >> setting the clock into motion by 8:00 p.m. we return to the light blue on your screen indicating everyone in the '50s. >> your highs show will get
4:32 am
close to records. i do not think we will break any. fairfield 70. the same for antioch. 69 in concord. mid '60s for san francisco. mid- 50s for daly city. satellite and radar shows we have some activity pretty close to us. we did see light rain around santa rosa area around midnight. the rest of the bay area has been dry. >> high pressure has been doing a good job of keeping the showers to our north. as of now the storm track will guide rain fall from the pacific northwest to our east. we have the changes to talk about as onshore flow will kick in some time later friday. >> your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast shows saturday into sunday we could see light rain for the north bay. cloudy conditions and they did in temperatures. still on the mod side. the mix of some of clouds. overall mild conditions.
4:33 am
>> monday still on the dry side but we may have changes tuesday and wednesday. rain is expected we could be between a quarter of an inch and a half-inch of rain. >> we will continue to monitor that and have more details as we get closer to that of e event. >> i would take a look at some of the catalan spirit to a lanes there is a wait. fast track doing fine. some of the lanes of off. >> as they are doing overnight road what the toll plaza. >> at the san mateo bridge no problems a typical commit as you were awake for foster city. >> south bound 101 the golden gate bridge and easy ride for those of you coming out of the north bay james. >> thank you erica shock and sorrow in santa cruz after a man gunned down to veteran police officers. >> on tuesday, jeremy goulet
4:34 am
shot and killed sergeant loren baker in detective elizabeth butler. he stole their weapons and one of their vehicles and fled the same but not the neighborhood. >> with the offices of the suspect next, they say, he was wearing body armor in dressed for battle. >> here are gunshot. >> there you hear the sounds of a gun fight. the suspect was killed in the exchange of fire. he had several weapons with him. they had initially gone to his home to investigate his role in a sexual assault case. >> we're learning about what happened in the final moments before the two officers were killed. >> kron fours j.r. stone spoke with the man who may of been the last to see those officers before they were shot. >> i was the last person that spoke to them. >> last person to speak with detective that staff
4:35 am
sergeant baker and detective butler. >> police thought he may have been connected to the man or been the suspect that he was looking for. >> i was walking away and she says stop. you stop! you in the red shirt stop! >> for the next 10 minutes he was interrogated by the two officers. it took time but he says the two soon came to the conclusion he was not a threat. detective sgt baker had a few words for him were is that will prove to be some of his last. >> he was very friendly. he did not apologize for their intense interrogation of me he offered an explanation saying you can understand why we're so touchy about this and he shook my hand. i said i understood. they walked back in the direction of the house and i walked in the opposite direction for my place. one of the
4:36 am
officers said to me that he hopes my prospects for employment got better was one of the last things he said. >> outside of the suspect's home goulet shot and killed baker and other. >> shortly after i heard gunfire going off. i did not know until several hours later that is the time when the officers were killed. >> he says the thought of what happened and when he happeit happen gives him chills >> if that happened five for 10 minutes earlier the outcome may have been different i do not know. >> this was the scene last night in santa cruz as the community came out to greet the hell they visual to honor the fallen officers. many people wrote notes of condolences. a community activist talk with kron 4 about the idea behind putting this gathering together. >> everybody was expressing
4:37 am
on our face book page their warmth and their compassion and wanted to do something for the officers and for the community. we got together with city council and organized this event tonight just to bring people in and have them interact with each other. if you will notice there is no one speaking no one talking here. about 01 putting themselves on a leadership role. everyone is being here for each other in making each other fill part of this community that is suffering so badly right now. >> all of the notes will be collected and given to the families of both fallen officers. >> the suspect lived in berkeley before moving to santa cruz. kron fours maureen kelly spoke with goulets former neighbor was says she knew something
4:38 am
about him was not right. >> a neighbor says she now lived upstairs from the suspect and his twin brother. >> they both had creepy things about them but jeremy was the creep. >> she said it was the way jeremy looked at her and talk about women that made her skin crawl. the other i think, the brothers both seem to be dating the same woman simultaneously. >> we would see them altogether having intercourse. that was really disturbing. >> she said she called police on more than one occasion after hearing the brother of fighting. it sounded as if one was going to get killed. i heard of bodies slam on the ground and i could feel my apartment shake. >> she and her husband googled jeremy and found his history of being a peeping tom and considered moving but could not afford to. >> we have new video of
4:39 am
goulet in an oregon court room. he had run ins with the law and was arrested for keepinpeeping on a woman and portland, then tried to kill the woman's boyfriend after he confronted goulet here is the report for 2007. >> danny thomas said he came home large \ late one night to find goulet where the outside of his apartment for the third time. >> he was looking at my girlfriend take a shower. >> it felt horrible. for a while i could not go to the back room by myself. >> thomas said he was try to scare the suspect all sunday when he realized he had a gun in his pocket. >> out here on the sidewalk the two started fighting. >> it was kind of like the
4:40 am
movies close, on the ground wrestling. >> the first shot fired i saw when it hit and i knew it did not give me i was happy. >> the second shot it was pointing at me i remember doing like that. >> we wrestled against the car as we were wrestling people were stopping and honking. i was holding him sane please help me. >> the struggle continued into the bushes. >> thomas said no one would help. >> i was so tired i could not punch him anymore. >> he said goule let go at the gun and he was able to hold him until the police arrived. >> i keep replaying everything in my head and wondering why no one helped. >> that was a news report filed back in 2007. >> we will take a break. 4:38 is the time. another
4:41 am
look at san francisco from our roof camera. we will be back in a a minute with more headlines.
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thyou eat weiyou lose it's a great plan... until you get hungry. that's the time to take slimful. one tasty 90-calorie slimful and a glass of water satisfies hunger for hours making it easier to eat smaller meals, and resist snacking. your friends might think you found the secret to losing weight. but it's no secret... it's slimful. eating less is a beautiful thing.
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>> we're back at 4:41. >> crews are still trying to clean up this huge mess in san francisco. a water main break. this is video from the area of 15 fans wawona , in westport. the they were flooded. kron fours haazig madyun give as a closer look at the construction effort to remove the aging session of the water main. >> this pipe ruptured early wednesday morning causing what you see here. this is a massive sinkhole in the middle of the street. san
4:44 am
francisco public-works crews brought in heavy equipment to dig out zero and remove the pipe which you see down there. now replacing the pipe and repairing the road way as the next job for the construction workers. >> what caused the pipe thrustrupture is still on their investigation. tens of thousands of gallons of water came roaring down 15th ave. >> a block away down showing you how far the water traveled damaging a dozen homes, and a dozen vehicles. >> this home had to call in this oversight trailer to haul away the damage. >> some of the homeowners with texans either most survey the damage. >> in san francisco haazig madyun . >> erica will be along to do was look at the forecast. in the meantime here's a quick
4:45 am
was look at the forecast. in the meantiget whatever you want, baby. hmm. let's just share a 20 piece. [ internal ] 20 mcnuggets, for only $4.99? oh, man. she's beautiful smart and sensible. jackpot. [ crewperson ] anything else? [ male announcer ] mcdonald's crispy, juicy chicken mcnuggets are now part of the extra value menu. so you get the tastes you love at a price you'll love even more. guess who's going to the game? [ internal ] thank you. [ male announcer ] the simple joy of having more to love.
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>> the best thing about this season or the reason we are talking about them is the seven award categories spirit that are hilarious and somewhat accurate to modern media watching. >> the way we watch a video for net flicks is different than traditional platforms. people binge on net flicks and watched an entire television series season in one week in sometimes two or three seasons. net flicks as a best tv marathon category. >> of paris of use tv as an
4:48 am
electronic babysitter the condensed the vcr and lock into net flicks for kids. >> the category of most effective tantrum tamer of bofors buntrock. >i would vote for sponge bob. >> kron barack the category is best guilty pleasure invest pms trauma. >> participants are invited to suggest new viewing categories on how they personally watched titles on net flicks. voting ends march 10th stow go bevote for the taflicks season. >> a live look from our mount tam a clear start to the morning. everyone is
4:49 am
aware about the temperatures. you will notice we're off to a warmer start than 24 hours ago. we have made a significant improvement for that. >. >> mainly upper 60s low seventies into the afternoon temperatures will be similar to yesterday's. we will see some clouds, some patchy clouds. redwood city 66. 67 and sunnyvale. upper 60s for milpitas and san jose. low seventies in antioch. walnut creek afternoon high 69. 66 in richmond. downtown san francisco 64. mainly sunny skies. low seventies for napa. berkeley 66. upper 50s for ocean beach spirit satellite and radar picture shows interesting things to
4:50 am
talk about. around midnight we saw light rain reported around the santa rosa airport. talking sprinkles. the high pressure has been doing a good job of keeping rain while to our north. in reality you'll probably have to drive a couple of hours to see rain. >> any wet weather activity coming from the pacific northwest will head to our east. >> we will remain stable for the next couple of days. in fact, tomorrow is expected to be the warmest of the week. >> plenty of low seventies. that is short-lived because we are back under a cloudy skies. temperatures in the '60s transitioning into the weekend. we could see light rain possible for the north bay saturday to sunday. >> one that looks to be dry. afternoon highs and acting out in the low 60s. off tuesday and wednesday we could see much-needed rain. tracking a couple systems headed our way. this has been the driest start to the
4:51 am
year since 1852. as of now we are looking at perhaps a quarter of an inch to 1/2 inch of rain. in the traffic center their quiet. a good time to leave home. the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza construction wrapping up. no delays in our last report we did said that of a wait in cash lanes. for those of you heading to the san mateo bridge no problems getting their coming down the damaged freeway. >> a live look at the golden gate bridge shows more cars compared to just 50 minutes ago. still, a very easy trip. --15 minutes a thgo. >> focusing on the myth of and so good to go for the bayshore freeway, interstate 280 no delays across the bay for those of you using the 880 corridor. >> no delays for ac transit,
4:52 am
bart or caltran this morning. >> james barry >> and national news were now one day away from federal spending cuts and and just about everyone wants to avoid but nobody seems to be able to start. dana bash reports. >> the president did as congressional leaders to the white house to discuss spending cuts. >> the invitation is for friday the same day the cuts kick in. >> democrats came to the presence defense. >> why wait so long? >> it is entirely within the purview of congress to pass legislation and send it to the president. actually, the real question is why is john boehner not reaching out to harry reid and nancy pelosi and hammering out a compromise. >> one is asking why the
4:53 am
president's scheduled a meeting friday " when the sequestered its on friday someone is to buy the white house a calendar or this is just a belated force. they should just pretended to try. >> this is and supposed to began at midnight on march 1st. >> it began to midnight march 1st. >> this prompted that tweet. >> art is weather cut starts at morning and night. >> here is the real deal the president does have until 11:59 p.m. the in the day friday to sign an order for the forced cuts. >> it turns out everyone agrees on the timing but the fact they have thought about it speaks volumes. >> take a look at this. a house explosion in suburban
4:54 am
detroit killed at least one person. neighbors said they felt the explosion and some of their windows were blown out. medical examiners confirm one that but it is unclear if anyone else was inside the home. investigators still looking into what caused the explosion. >> and other news, one california students in a hidden video camera open to catch a thief and into busting a popular teacher. dave marquis has the story. >> i was really scared. i was like all my gosh i cannot believe i got this on video. >> student noticed money in other things missing from their backpack. she decided to hide and watch their imagining what she would see. >> i did not want to believe she was doing something like that but she was so nice. then she did it. >> at almost 30 year old veteran was going through student backpacks appearing to take money. >> justine felt she had to
4:55 am
do something to put herself into a locker with a home video camera. putting another phone camera in another locker. >> when we got the video i was like oh my gosh i cannot believe i have this on video. i kept watching it over and over. she and the of the girls took the video to the principle. he said he would investigate and told us to delete the video. i had already sent it to my dead. >> others had already sent the video out. it was not an easy decision to share or take it but others agreed with the decision. >> you cannot help but feel bad for her. >> she was a good teacher? >> yes she was a good teacher. we did the right thing but it is still like kind of hard. >>4:53 is the time we will be back with more headlines.
4:56 am
a quick look outside a shot from the south bay at 101 and 87 traffic looks good
4:57 am
4:58 am
>> we're back at 4:55. >> once again identity theft toss the annual list of consumer complaints to the federal trade commission. karen caifa has the fullest lives, it is to avoid becoming a victim of any of the top scams. >> the most common complaints is i did see theft which accounts for one in every five complex. >> next, a debt collection followed by a complaint by banks and lenders. >> shopping home cadillac's sales and rounding out the top five sweepstakes the lottery. >> when it comes to identity theft remembers cameras are not above digging through dumpsters for personal
4:59 am
information. >>-- scammers. >> to avoid falling prey to scams never replied to the mails, phone calls, or text messages that as for personal or financial information. >> these often come disguised as a counselor. if you are worried follow up with a credit, or that cover yourself. >> an on-line search can say trouble later on. >> for consumer watched larimkarin caifia kron 4 news. >> a quick look at the san mateo bridge. it looks good. the ride on 92 moving well from the east bay to the peninsula.
5:00 am
5:01 am
5:02 am
>> (male announcer): live from the bay area this is the kron 4 morning news. kron 4 news at 5 starts now. >> good morning the top stores were following thursday february 28th. the santa cruz area waking up with heavy hearts. we have new details about the officers killed in the line of duty. >> here watching the latest of washington one day away from the deadline of 85 billion in cuts kicking in for the u.s. government. we will follow the lead is out of the sea. >> history is unfolding in vatican city. pope benedictus the 16th is in the final hours of his tenure. we will have a live report coming up in just a bit. >> first let us to update on weather and traffic. we will begin with the forecast spirit erica, good morning. >> good morning james it is a warmer start to the morning than yesterday's. yesterday's we were at the freezing mark was of the '20s and vallejo. but the case today 45 in fairfield.
5:03 am
upper '40's and san francisco. oakland waking up to 52. >> a warming trend will continue into the afternoon. i will talk about how warmer with it in my next report. >> good morning george. >> good morning erica we're monitoring a light ride around the bay no hot spot this morning. a quick bridge check and a look at the bay bridge westbound. >> you will find for the bay area light traffic for 580 and highway 4 in the west bound direction. there is a quick commute check. light for the south bay peninsula and north bay ride spirit and the south bay there is an accident near summit it is on 17 and the north bound direction. >> thank you george. a city in shock after two officer gunned down while looking for a convicted sex offender. it all ended in a hail of gunfire. now santa cruz police have been given time off while other agencies step up to keep the city of santa cruz said. kron fours will try to
5:04 am
explain to us for joy in the streets while the officers mourn. >> there are dozens of flowers and candles behind be at the santa cruz police department continues to mourn so does the community. from now until saturday this department shutdown with 100 police officers spending the next couple of days to mourn. when you go from having zero police officers killed in the line of duty to having two in one day the grief can be overwhelming. safe because while they agreed and mourn for the next couple of days the patrol efforts will be handled by the chp--while they agree evgdrieve and mourn. >> both officers were shot on the front steps of jeremy goulets home which led to the deadly shootout that killed zero w goulet at least 35
5:05 am
route all fired in 12 seconds. >> that was a second location where he was killed some of the bullet hitting a nearby garage. police say, when he was found, he was wearing body armor and had at least three guns. the two of the guns weaponweapons belone falling of the spirit >> a typical cycle pat! >> that is out one of his ex neighbors described him a typical psychopath. >> the other developing story we're following is the bloody mess and clean up where water main break happen yesterday. we brought to covers lie to get you
5:06 am
news faster on the cleanup let us turn to jackie sizzle was standing by. sizzlssel. >> the streets are basically clean up with there is a lot of work to be done in the homes. the street on 15 right edge wawona shut down because they were to do out here. apparently the 16 its cast iron pipe that was put in in 1962 burst yesterday's sending thousands of gallons of mud and water into the street into houses and cars. >> you can see the video because they giant sinkhole. that has been repaired. apparently there is still road work to do. as far as the holmes ago. there were 24 homes that sustained water damage. you can see some of them here. some of
5:07 am
these low-lying gratis at up to 3 ft. of water and mud. >>--low-lying garages. >> the homes have been yellow tag that means people can go in and out to gather their things. until construction zero engineers get out to look at the homes they did not want people to stay in the homes for long periods of time. >> most of the street has been cleaned up. the vacuum truck was working yesterday's and hosing down the street. not a lot of evidence of of what happened. >> behind closed doors a lot homes still had a lot of work to be done. >> no kidding! thank you jackie >> a lot of work there and a lot of work to be done on capitol hill. good luck with that james spirit the white house's efforts to avoid the $85 billion in automatic budget cuts are unlikely to succeed before those cuts
5:08 am
are set to kick in tomorrow. president barack obamas and congressional leaders are scheduled to meet tomorrow the day of the deadline. >> this is itself created crisis in washington these automatic cuts are put into the debt ceiling negotiation to force lawmakers to come up with their better cuts to replace those across-the- board cuts, but of course, congress has been unable to act. the irony here is that because the economy is improving the u.s. government actually already has an additional 84 billion in revenues so far this year but the federal budget is still 1.3 billion over budget. >> thank you mark. 5:06 will be back with more in a couple of minutes spirit it will be a gorgeous day. we are topping out tomorrow. a live look at san francisco. 50 degrees. it will be 64 this afternoon.
5:09 am
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5:09 bay area headlines. police are asking for public help in finding 11 year-old foster child who went missing monday morning after being dropped off at an elementary school in san leandro. myles oliverrz was dropped off at madison elementary school on juniper street. he never returned to his foster home at the end of the school day. san leandro police believe that myles may be with his birth mother, michelle oliverez , always been trying to rid
5:13 am
reunite with him since their separation. >> the mother does not have an address, but is known to frequent berkeley, richmond and oakland. >> the family of an oakland couple, reported missing while traveling in through speaking of first time since receiving news of their son, garrett hand at his girlfriend the jamie neal are alive and safe. garrett's mother was very emotional in front of her concord home, as she talked to the media how she felt after finally reaching her son. >> i cannot express the emotional release and exhaustion we are feeling right now that jeremy is safe. >> the couple will not return to the state until march. i enjoyed a comfoam sure the family is more comfortable. >> this morning san
5:14 am
bernardin of county officials have determined how much the six day manhunt for former los angeles police officer christopher and dorner will cost. a department spokesman says, the initial cause with a surge in investigation grounded out to about $550,000. the shares to our lead in a surge in the san bernardin about involving 10 other agencies. the suspect was found dead in its burned after a shootout with police earlier this month. it is believed to kill themselves. >> it is crystal clear out and not much traffic. we will be right back. get whatever you want, baby.
5:15 am
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hmm. let's just share a 20 piece. [ internal ] 20 mcnuggets, for only $4.99? oh, man. she's beautiful smart and sensible. jackpot. [ crewperson ] anything else? [ male announcer ] mcdonald's crispy, juicy chicken mcnuggets are now part of the extra value menu. so you get the tastes you love at a price you'll love even more. guess who's going to the game? [ internal ] thank you. [ male announcer ] the simple joy of having more to love. >> take a look at this new video just in kron 4. kenosha, wisconsin got more than a full of snow yesterday's, and their reports of nearly 200 car crashes. plows were busy pushing more than a foot of snow off the rose in the
5:18 am
county. this particular town extended is no america's declaration until this morning. driver's worst slowdown and let plow crews do their job. >> it looks like the wet heavy stuff not like what we get. >> it has not rain or snow a lot at all this year. in fact, we have not seen it this dry in a while erica. >> yes. since 1852 to be exact. it has been a dry start to the year. i remember we started above average this season. we could still hit the average depending on where we fall in march. >> we are anticipating some rain however, this weekend for the north bay spirit just sprinkles spirit we could see more rain. we are tracking a couple of systems expected to arrive next week. i will have more details later in the forecast focusing on our temperatures here if they want to start his of the four hours ago. upper '40's and oakland. 50 in san
5:19 am
francisco. 48 in san carlos. future cast 4 highlights a of a clock tower. the green on your screen indicates 60s already by lunchtime. >> mild weather by 12:00 into your afternoon highs it could get warm. we start to see the yellow fill in the livermore valley and the south bay. >> by 8:00 p.m. temperatures back into the fifties for just about everyone. >> your afternoon highs show upper 60s. mainly sunny skies. high clouds passing through. sunnyvale reaching 67. 69 for mountain view. could see low seventies for antioch, fairfield. 69 in concord. 66 in castro valley. >> downtown san francisco cooler than most of the bay area at 64. >> we did break records a couple of days ago. not yesterday's. >> i do not think we will
5:20 am
break any for today. >> napa is warmer than average at 72. >> satellite and radar picture shows reports of light rain around santa rosa airport around midnight. >> high pressure has been doing a good job of keeping the rain to our north. you would have to drive a couple of hours to see any rain whatsoever. >> waking up to clear skies, dry weather, temperatures will climb as we head into friday. >> anticipating low seventies for just about everyone. in fact, could see mid-70's in the south bay. >> changes saturday into sunday an increase in cloud cover dry into monday. tuesday in to wednesday maybe a quarter of its to a half inch of rain for most of the bay area. >> sunshine and flip flops the day. clouds and rain heading into next week. >> more details on that very
5:21 am
important forecast in my next report. >> in the meantime it is 518 of traffic with george. >> thank you erica. a pretty good ride. no delays or hot spots. >> the ride on high way for an interstate 580 looks better than usual. >> the bay bridge toll plaza an easy ride for the west bound commute 11 minutes. >> for the sale bridge the same drive times 11 minutes, 92, off 880 out oto foster city. >> updating each day drive times still looking at 13 minutes here from hercules to berkeley. no delays for west 24, south 680 is a good ride. >> even heading south from the dublin interchange toward sonole . a problem for highway 17 in the south bound direction. there is
5:22 am
slow traffic heading for the summit with one lane blocks south bound. >> a quick traffic check as we look in your ride in the background is the golden gate bridge. around the bay bart not reporting in the delays nor is caltran for the peninsula. h train ride looks good. muni, metro problem free this morning. darya . >> today is the pope's final day. to get more news faster let's turn to our kron 4 solo reporter mike pelton who is live at st. mary's cathedral in san francisco. >> hello mike. >> high. seven years 10 months and nine days that the legacy of pope benedictus 16th. in a few hours he will become the first pope in nearly 600 years to resign at 11:00 california time. he will officially be relieved of his duties. he met with the college of cardinals where it was the well and urged them to work together to
5:23 am
elect the next poll. >> the 115 cardinals will meet next week to decide when to hold a conclave. they will of to have a new pope in time by easter sunday at the end of the month. >> speculation is beginning to grow as to who will replace pope benedictus 16th. back to you dary . >> watching wall street here at the kron 4 morning news. >> up the housing data and more encouraging words from the chairman of the federal reserve helped boost the doubt to a fresh five-year high. the nasdaq and s&p 500 also soared. ben bernanke reiterated his argument that
5:24 am
the fed bonds by a stimulus program is help the economy, and will continue. following better than expected news on home prices in new home sales tuesday, the national association of realtors reported pending home sales jumped in january to the highest level since april 2010. >> shares of group on plus more than 25% after hours trading, after the online coupon side reported worse /than expected earnings. all the new initiatives in redesigned and j.c. penney and not help the struggling chain. it reported a fourth quarter loss of 427 million these stocks down 70% in the pre-market. dow future is right now are up just seven. >> this just in spirit secretary of state john
5:25 am
kerry said the obama administration will provide the syrrian opposition with an additional 60 million in assistance and will for the first time provide non-legal aid like food and medical supplies to rebels fighting to oust president bashar assad . european nations also expected to signal their intention to provide fresh assistance to the opposition. kerry said the u.s. decision is designed to increase the pressure on assad to step down and pay the way for a democratic transition. [ mom ] dear chex cereal,
5:26 am
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5:28 am
>> welcome back to the kron 4 morning news. this is the deadline, if the justice department president obama want to make their voice heard in the supreme court on the topic of same-sex marriage. gay rights supporters want the ministers of the file a friend-of-the-court brief urging the justices to overturn california's gay marriage ban. the president is not required to file a brief, and if he does, it would not be legally binding. >> the high court will be taking of california's proposition 8. the bad of gay marriage as well as the federal defense of marriage act at the end of march. our case that to determine whether same-sex couples have a constitutional right to get married. today's decision but offered the clearest insight into the president's views on gay marriage, an issue he supports but he said to be governed by the states. ahead of today's deadline,
5:29 am
thus of a prominent republican side a brief asking the justices to declare california's proposition a ballot measure unconstitutional, including former presidential candidate jon huntsman, h pc o and former gubernatorial candidate made whitman. and several former adviser to president bush. >> las vegas police say 22 year-old miami woman is no longer a person of interest in a shooting in crash that killed three people on the vegas strip last week. here is video of the fiery crash. police say tineesha ;;;;;;;;a lashun howard is no lr being sought in the case. she was missing and possibly in danger, but investigators
5:30 am
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5:32 am
>> welcome back. 295:29 tequila get the weather. here is erica. >> we could in fact beat the temperatures we saw yesterday. into the afternoon and will be sunny and warm. expect '60s and '70s for most of the bay area. mostly clear conditions. mild temperatures most of us sitting in the '50s. tomorrow is expected to be the warmest of the week. . we could see rain as we transition into the weekend. i will have the details on your extended forecast in a minute. >> at 530 let us check the morning ride with george. >> thank you a good ride aaround the
5:33 am
bay. the incident on 17 has been cleared up. >> a quick commute check shows the typical slowing for interstate 580 in high way 4 in the east bay. >> other bay area freeways look great. >> thank you george we're following the latest out of santa cruz morning for the two police officers were shot and killed on tuesday, before the suspect was also killed. kron fours will tran is live in santa cruz. >> he has a growing moral behind him as we can see. >> it is a massive memorial. the candles have been burning all night. you can see flowers are all over the place as people continue to show up all day yesterday and we expect more to show up today to continue to offer their support to the santa cruz police department. >> new informations we have learned they will be back at
5:34 am
work today. they took off yesterday's to grieve and rather mines from what happened. while that was going on the santa cruz county sheriff's department as well as the chp was helping out. today they will help out if necessary. most if not all the police officers with the santa cruz police department should return. when they are here they could get the access to grief counselors or also here to help them out. the reason why the police officers that seen the worst of society and what is going on. there's never been a police fatality as far as in the line of duty in santa cruz as police the part of history. there is no playbook. you go from zero to two in one day you can imagine the overwhelming amount of grief going on. they should return to day. we should try to talk to the public information officer and tried to learn when where things will take place.
5:35 am
>> we're learning more about the two officers lost their lives. friends and colleagues describe them both as hard-working and dedicated officers will be chilly mist. santa cruz police officers loren baker scene here was well respected. a 28 year veteran at a small apartment. known as butch by france and other officers. a visible distraught police chief ken vogel talked about his former partner on the force. >> he was also my mentor and my friend not only my former partner. >> detective elizabeth butler here is a picture. butler had worked for the santa cruz police department for 10 years, this after attending university of santa cruz while majoring in community services. she grew up in rorrence , california. on face book,
5:36 am
friend spoke glowingly of her. one road, that was so wonderful she did so much good for her community. such a truly great person. butler leaves behind her partner peter and their two young sons, ages 5 and 1. >> there are chilling new revelations about the santa cruz cop killer this morning. jeremy's goulets father is now speaking out, saying his son was like a ticking time bomb. the 64 year-old father sang ", he had contempt for the costs and head our justice system, and had been in jail before and swore he would never go back. >> the suspect lived in berkeley before moving to santa cruz. kron fours maureen kuelly spoke with
5:37 am
goulets former neighbor and she knew something was not right. >> just the normal cycle papsuchopathl cycle pa >> and i think both brothers in to be dating the same woman simultaneously. >> we would see them altogether having intercourse. that was really disturbing. >> she said she called the police are more than one occasion. the first time last december at the heariafter hearing the brothers fighting. >> it sounded like one would get killed. i heard bodies slam on the ground heard my part in shape. >> she and her husband googled jeremy but could
5:38 am
not afford to. >> i was relieved when they move out. maureen kelly kron 4 news. >> video of jeremy goulet in an oregon court on back in 2007. he was arrested for keeping on a woman or a month, and then tried to kill the woman's boyfriend after he confronted him. some of the charges were dropped. and goulet was convicted of carrying a gun without a concealed weapon permit an invasion of personal privacy. he got probation, was sentenced to two years in jail, after a dispute with his probation officer. >> kron 4 will provide continuing coverage of the murder of the two santa cruz officers. this morning 1130,
5:39 am
a news conference is planned by the santa cruz police department. we will be broadcasting that live on kron fours 24/7 channel for the lastest news and traffic comcast 193 digital channel 4.2. and are a digital
5:40 am
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>> expect upper 60s to near 74 year daytime high. tomorrow, even warmer. were your forecast of a bit. >> this just isn't weekly u.s. unemployment applications fell to 400 and . the u.s. economy only group 0.1 per cent, that would be the annual rate for the fourth quarter. a rebound is expected this year. we had some weak growth the last three months last year but things will be a little better the first quarter this year. we will find out if the unemployment
5:43 am
rate changed tomorrow. >> medicare paid billions nationwide to nursing homes that were not required to look after their residents. medicare paid out $5.1 billion for patients to stay in skilled nursing facilities that failed to meet federal quality of care rules in 2009, and some cases resulting invaders and neglectful conditions. >> officials are warning potential dog owners, specifically those wanting yorkie dogs to be aware of pets can sfo. it's a scam that begins on web sites offering giveaways has an offering air transport to connect a pet owner with a new pact. this camera the request of the consumer pay
5:44 am
a portion of the cost, air fare or other cause necessary for travel. the request is sent an e-mail from of false agency known as the health care apartment at s f all. no says the bartender e-mail account exist at the airport is and awaken them connected to this camp. >> 5 4:01 a.m. and we will be back with weather and traffic in just a couple of minutes.
5:45 am
5:46 am
5:47 am
5:45 a.m. the santa cruz police are is back on the force the day after 2 officers were killed tuesday. we're also learning more about the suspect jeremy goulet. his father describes them as a " ticking time bomb. today is the pope's final day. he is at the vatican delivering his final greetings.
5:48 am
this morning crews are on the scene of a messy water main break that happened yesterday in stamford cisco's west portal neighborhood. we will have a live report coming up. >> it is pretty similar to what we saw yesterday. santa rosa reached a high of 70 degrees, 72 and napa, upper 60s oakland, upper 60s concord. there is similar weather conditions as we head into this afternoon. we have some changes to talk about this morning, we are between four and 14 degrees warmer than 24 hours ago there if along the south, some of our east a interior valleys is ready to see it most. today, 48 vallejo, 47 oakland upper '40's san francisco, upper 40's in san mateo. future cast four
5:49 am
tracking numbers, by 12 we are enjoying 60s. very mild weather. by 2:00 p.m. '60s and '70s for just about everyone. temperatures will cool, still pretty mild into the 8:00 hour. tracking the afternoon highs, plenty of upper 60s and the south bay, san jose. 67 sunnyvale, los '70s antioch in fairfield, 69 vallejo, 67 union city, a downtown severances go 64. satellite and radar picture shows first some light rain around the sons of was that area. in the wet weather activity for me from the pacific northwest is not willing to impact us. we're
5:50 am
waiting ultimately clear skies. tomorrow the of show we have been enjoying that will turn on tinto on shore. saturday to sunday a week system passes through and we will see mainly cloudy conditions. still dry as we start the next work week. tuesday and two wednesday, rain is expected to get the bay area, a much-needed rain. by 40 8:00 a.m. and here is traffic. >> it is pretty quiet in the traffic department which is great news for you. we're not looking at any hot spots and the bay bridge is an easy ride across the span, 11 minutes out of the macarthur maze with no delays. the san mateo bridge is an easy ride with no increase in the drive times here. the towing it brad
5:51 am
bridge ride looks good with light traffic coming in from marin. 40 minutes from our achilles the berkeley, west 24 looks good.san ramon valley commute is problem free 60 minutes down to dublin. when eleanor down a little slowing between the peak freeways, and no major traffic problems or incidents here for the south bay. the north bay ride is under 25 minute commute from about zero heads out to the golden gate bridge. >> by 40 9:00 a.m. and right now there is reassuring news for pregnant women who are miserable with morning sickness. i did our study found no evidence that using the popular anti nausea drug zophar ran well harm their babies. one is in pregnant women experience nausea and body but many skit using a medicine for fear of side effects. no drugs the currently approved for morning sickness in the
5:52 am
u.s. but experts say it is self ranzofran has been a top choice. there's an increase of women diagnosed with breast cancer. the increases seen in women ages 25 and 39 of all races and ethnicities. experts say woman diagnosed at young ages more likely than have an aggressive form of the disease. researchers say this means that the number of jumped from about 250 cases each year in the mid-1970s to about 850 cases annually in recent years. experts are not sure what's driving these increases, or why they don't see similar numbers for older women or young or women with an earlier stage breast cancer. >> a big night for stealing. madison square garden, warriors coach mark jackson with the homecoming. cuts in
5:53 am
the guard against a team he played for, the new york mets, curry was on fire making a 11 of 13 three- pointers and fishing with 54 points. this is the most and that in the nba this season, but they still lose the game 109 to 1 05. the warriors played without david lee was and what game for brawl with the pacers. the warriors play in boston tomorrow against the celtics. a tough loss for stanford cardinal team men's and basketball team take a aurora, colorado at home. 2.4 seconds left out of colorado at 2-howell gets the inbounds and drives and the exit but after the buzzer sounds. i got the replay, the ball clearly impulse and a red light turns on. colorado and 65 to 63. that was stanford's third consecutive home loss they're more likely headed for the end it tournament.
5:54 am
where did this ever since the 49ers are pursuing quarterback at 0 revis from the jets. revis missed most of the past season with a knee injury, the niners could use a good quarterback to defend against opposing receivers and nightmares have 11 draft picks this season which they seem willing to trade. rimas isn't a twitter battle was the hog and stanford grad richard sherman's of things could definitely he dealt with the players of the same division. >> and quick with this morning at the mt. tam cam, a little breezy but all in all not to back out there. it looks like a warm afternoon ahead. a program reminder for you, on dr. phil at the kron4 morning news the search for philip
5:55 am
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>> the countdown continues, the bay to breakers race is coming up sunday may 19th. are your kids eating breakfast this morning? and the study finds breakfast is more than provide children with an essential nutrients, it can also affect their academic success. the study called aunt child but hunker a social impact analysis shows on average, students to eat breakfast achieve 17% higher scores on
5:59 am
standardized math tests. there also 20 percent more likely to graduate from high school ready $10,000 more a year and have a 4% higher employment rate. >> seven day around the bay warmer weather and friday looking to be the warmest of the seven day period. next week we get a little rain and temperatures dropped to the fifties by wednesday. >> rain, what is that? coming up at 6:00 we are learning new information about the officers suitings and santa cruz, we have a video of the shootout between the suspect and police. these are live pictures from vatican city. the pope prepares to say goodbye, only a few hours left before he retires.

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